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Frustrated or in crisis with your partner or spouse?

Worried that things between you might be over if you don’t get some help?


Difficulty meeting people or need dating support?

Uncertain how to even begin taking steps towards the relationship you desire?

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“Jeremi is a great relationship coach and therapist. He has both the life experience and training that enables him to really come along side people that need assistance in finding love in their lives. He can help you navigate your obstacles to intimacy and is able to be present in a way that makes you feel comfortable talking about things one normally keeps private. He is genuinely compassionate and confident in what he knows, so he has a way of providing feedback that might be difficult to swallow coming from anybody else! Jeremi is top-notch.” – Todd Harvey, Therapist

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Jeremi McManus began working as a Coach in 2003 where he discovered his passion for cultivating happy, healthy, and...

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