Jeremi McManus, M.S., San Francisco Relationship Coach and Psychotherapist

3 Keys to Strong Relationships

“Did they look impressed when I told them I had a Master’s degree? How many Facebook likes did I get on my new post? If I buy that pair of Seven jeans, will Tricia think I look good?”

Jeremi McManus SF Relationship Coaching & Psychotherapy

Any of this sound familiar? If it sounds like a day in the life of your thoughts, you’re certainly in good company.


Jeremi McManus  is a Relationship CoachPsychotherapist, and Couples Therapist who works with people who want more fulfilling and satisfying relationships. His own ups and downs in dating and relating were instrumental in leading him into this field. If you feel like you could use some perspective, he looks forward to hearing from you. Jeremi is a Licensed Psychotherapist and delighted to call San Francisco home.

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