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The alarm blows like a siren, I leap out of bed. Was that meeting at eight or 9? And where did I put my work cell phone? Look under the pillow, on the dresser, under the bed, by the...
I’m always a little cautious when I see a title of an article claiming so much. But then I spent some time with this infographic that Happify has created and it is really solid. Not only have...
Tal Ben-Shahar, AKA the most popular professor on Harvard campus, has noticed something that is often wrong with the perspective with many professionals in the psychology field. There is too much...
It’s so beautiful when someone can capture a thought or feeling or glimmer of wisdom in a few words. So I wanted to take a few moments to acknowledge a few that have really resonated with me...
“Did they look impressed when I told them I had a Master’s degree? How many Facebook likes did I get on my new post? If I buy that pair of Seven jeans, will Tricia think I look good?” Any of...

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  • "Jeremi is articulate, compassionate, intelligent and most importantly EFFECTIVE. He hands down has helped me to gain a profound shift on..."

    - Nicole

  • "Aside from an in-depth understanding of what makes humans tick, Jeremi lives and breathes his work, evermore seeking out more tools for..."

    - Jessica

  • "Meeting Jeremi was a life changing experience. I’ve relied on his patient ear, studied insight and open personality over the last 8..."

    - Corey

  • "Jeremi is able to be present in a way that makes you feel comfortable talking about things one normally keeps private. He is safe and..."

    - Todd

  • "I have recommended SF Relationship Coaching to a few of my friends who are in the same situation I was in. Most have been skeptical at..."

    - Jeff

  • "Working with Jeremi, you will soon find that you have become better at being you. I cannot recommend his talents..."

    - Paul

  • "When I sat down with Jeremi to chat about building professional relationships, I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical. What was this..."

    - Roche

  • "It’s kind of funny looking back on how many ‘aha’ moments that I’ve experienced working with Jeremi. I’ve..."

    - Vlad

  • "Besides being insightful, Jeremi skillfully and sensitively drew my attention to an element of my behavior that I was doing completely..."

    - Rhiannon

  • "It’s crystal clear Jeremi has a large breadth of knowledge and experience in helping people with life, dating and relationships. He..."

    - Jay

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