Jeremi McManus, M.S., San Francisco Relationship Coach and Psychotherapist


Frustrated with your spouse or partner? Difficulty communicating? Trust broken? No longer feeling loved? Not even sure you are still in love?

All relationships have difficulties at times, and sometimes they get bad enough that we need to get some outside perspective and support. There is hope. Together we can work toward healing the relationship that once thrived.

In couples counseling, we will work together to reduce the conflict and distance currently in your relationship and instead begin to create the intimacy that you miss. I will help you both in identifying the patterns that cause stress or anxiety and make it difficult to feel safe or work as a team.

When responsiveness is missing in our partners, we often resort to a fight-or-flight response. Some of us fight for a connection while others withdraw, hoping to minimize conflict. We all listen and respond differently. Understanding what your partner needs is part of learning how to reduce the fight-or-flight response.

Using Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), I will work with both of you to become skilled in turning fights into opportunities. Over time, you will master the skills that lead to a richer connection with one another. You will begin to understand the fight and withdraw stages in your relationship. I have found that couples who are the most successful in the counseling and therapy process:

  1. want to change their relationship for the better
  2. are willing to do the hard work that this change may take
  3. care about their relationship and want to make it work.

Ready to Build The Relationship You’ve Missed?

Contact me to set up a free phone consultation. During the consultation we’ll explore what you’re looking for and how I can help you get there as a team. You can set up this consultation by calling me directly at (415) 375-0311 or send me an email. We will meet weekly at my office here in San Francisco.

I specialize with couples in:

  1. Effective communication
  2. Resolving conflict and reducing arguments
  3. Increasing connection and closeness
  4. Creating a satisfying and intimate sex life
  5. Recovering from an affair and building trust again
  6. Facing transitions in life and in the relationship
  7. Healing relational wounds, current or past
  8. Pre-commitment and pre-marital counseling
  9. Getting more from your relationship

Talk to Me

The consultation is free. You can call me directly at (415) 375-0311 or email me here

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