Jeremi McManus, M.S., San Francisco Relationship Coach and Psychotherapist


Trouble finding dating prospects? Tired of searching? Unsuccessful first dates? Nonexistent second dates?

It can be incredibly discouraging and confusing at times, trying to navigate towards the life and relationship that you and truly all of us want. If you have had an impossible time starting a quality relationship while others around you make it look easy, you are certainly not alone.

There are fundamental “road blocks” that hold many of us back in our dating lives, often without our knowing that they exist. The counseling process helps in beginning to identify them and then move towards possible shifts. There are no quick fixes, no one-size-fits-all book or one-off solutions. If there were, I imagine we would all know about them by now.

If you are ready to cut through to what’s holding you back and ready to do the sometimes difficult work of exploring yourself, there are truly amazing possibilities that will open up to you in your dating life. Happy relationships are not beyond your capacity – together we will uncover the tools you need to cultivate one.

Are you ready for your connected, happy, and satisfying relationship?

If so, I want to hear from you. As a team, we’ll explore what’s getting in the way of you having the relationship you want.

Sessions are weekly and though we have the option of working on the phone, we will likely meet in person at my office in San Francisco. There is no charge for the phone consultation and it will give you an opportunity to share what you are looking for and hear about how I can help.

There is hope. Call me directly at (415) 375-0311 or email me to set up your consultation.


  1. Improving your dating life
  2. Meeting someone special
  3. Building a relationship that is rich and satisfying
  4. Increasing confidence and self-esteem
  5. Developing more effective communication skills
  6. Addressing issues with your family
  7. Managing stress & life balance
  8. Resolving fears and challenges that are impacting your life
  9. Getting more of what you want in your life

Talk to Me

The consultation is free. You can call me directly at (415) 375-0311 or email me here

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